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Mitch Gobel is an Australian artist, currently living in Byron Bay. In 2012 Gobel started experimenting with resin, amongst other materials and his practice has evolved since into a wide variety of mixed media.

‘The art is both a practise I know well and a perpetually surprising process, continually evolving and in every way unique. The fluidity of the material's present a constant challenge, I strive to create space for the art to be its own creation while simultaneously manipulating and controlling the outcome.

My experience of the art is what I consider to be a spiritual practise, and beyond egoic intervention, I endeavour to create from the heart. It's a reflection of my internal state, a cosmic vision or remembering which I'm doing my best to illustrate and understand.

Incorporating a range of mixed media and pouring techniques, I reflect on the complexity of the world around me, inspired by nature, love and the evolution of self.’


June 2019 - Gobel was selected as the leading artist to e feature on the newly built Scenic Eclipse discovery cruise ship. Three original artworks were commissioned and a range of 124 prints were selected for display in all of the ships suites. The Eclipse currently owns the largest collection of Mitch’s work.

March 2019 - A selection of Mitch’s printed art was selected for display in 490 rooms of the newly renovated Marriot Hotel in New Orleans, U.S.

January 2019 – Created ‘The Tide’ for Cody Simpson’s album cover, which has currently had over 7,000,000 views on Spotify.

August 2018 – Gobel created ‘Silence Speaks’ for Trevor Hall’s album cover of The Fruitful Darkness.  The album has currently had over 3,500,000 views on spotify.

April 2018 - Mitch was commissioned to create seven original artworks for ‘The Edge’ cruise ship, as part of the Celebrity Cruises fleet. The collection of artworks ‘Sea Scapes’ is currently displayed in the highly regarded Cyprus Restaurant, onboard the ship. 

November 2016 – Gobel exhibited ‘Paradise Valley’ a collection of 8 original artworks, which were presented at the Trader Trove Gallery, on the Gold Coast Australia.

July 2016 - As a result of Gobel’s rise on Instagram gaining him over 200,000 followers worldwide, in 2016 he decided to transition into self-representation. The solo endeavor is currently still relatively successful, selling over 90 original artworks since. Thanks to his success on social media, Gobel has established a solid connection to famous artists/ musicians and art collectors from all over the world, with his work now displayed in private collections from 60 different countries. Most of his audience is based in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

June 2015 - ‘Voices’ was exhibited as his second solo show through Mossgreen Gallery. Later that year he also signed with Red Sea Gallery in Brisbane and sold works through both galleries until early 2016.

March 2014 - ‘The Vision Project’ was exhibited with Mossgreen Gallery in Melbourne. Through it’s success Gobel, went on to donate $25,000 as a result of the works sold to The Wildlife Warriors animal hospital and charity – a cause close to Mitch’s heart.

Following ‘The Vision Project’ exhibition, Mitch was approached by and went on to work with and raise funds for Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace and Australian conservation charities - Animalia Wildlife Shelter and GECO, for which he additionally became an ambassador for.

October 2013 - Gobel was taken on by Gallery Sorrento, a local gallery to his hometown on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. He exhibited with Gallery Sorrento until he signed with competing state gallery Mossgreen, three months later.


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