Sea Shepherd Anti-Whaling collaboration

Sea Shepherd has undertaken 10 Antarctic anti-whaling campaigns, saving the lives of over 5,000 whales. During the 2014/2015 season (December to March) Japan was prohibited from whaling in Antarctica, due to a ruling by the International Court of Justice in the Hague in early 2014. As a result, Sea Shepherd was able to focus its attention on another important marine issue in the area - that of the illegal poaching of Patagonia Toothfish, so hence Sea Shepherd naming its 11th Antarctic mission as "Operation Icefish".

With Operation Icefish still underway, the strategy for the next Antarctic campaign for 2015/2016 has not been determined. The Japanese have confirmed that they aim to return to Antarctica next year to hunt and kill whales. Sea Shepherd will officially release its statement about its plans to defend whales, once Operation Icefish concludes and further information about Japan's plans for whaling have been announced.

Mitch has always been a huge fan of Sea Shepherd and their 'actions speak louder than words' approach to conservation.

After the success of the Wildlife Warriors project, Sea Shepherd was next on the list for MGRA. 

Mitch decided he would create an artwork to raise awareness for Sea Shepherd in support of their anti-whaling efforts and donate 100% of the profits made directly to Sea Shepherd, from that 'Posedian, Protector of the Sea'  was created.

MGRA has teamed up with supermodel, worldwide trend setter and like minded conservationist Mimi Elashiry in order to help promote the sale of the artwork.

Currently the artwork is still available, The piece is valued at $6,500 and we welcome any enquires into the piece. Any reasonable offers will be considered.


Poseidan, Protector of the Sea.

I'm a pretty easy going person, I honestly can't remember the last time something aggravated me outside of cruelty to animals.

I also try to keep an open mind in any situation, but in relation to whaling, in my mind it's not even open for debate.

As always I've created this artwork, not just as a decoration but as a voice for those who don't have one and to help fund the battle that Sea Shepherd face everyday.

I could go on for hours about why I disagree with whaling but no doubt it's all been said before. Whaling needs to stop, end of story. I just hope that even this small donation from MGRA can contribute to that.

This piece is priced at $6,500 with the profits going directly to help aid their ongoing battles. For any sales enquiries please contact us via our website

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Sea Shepherd on a whole, not only for their efforts against whaling but for all of their conservation projects, without them our oceans would be a much less beautiful place.

This is 'Poseidon, protector of the sea'.


In early August 2015, the artwork sold, enabling MGRA to donate $3,000 to Sea Shepherd.

In early August 2015, the artwork sold, enabling MGRA to donate $3,000 to Sea Shepherd.

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