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"I’m self-taught, I’ve never studied art through school and this is definitely not an 'art school' education’...

Over the past year Mitch has been carefully designing a self-development course which we're hoping will help anyone and everyone to tap into their creative potential. The single day event's currently scheduled for Melbourne and Byron Bay are aimed at encouraging any form of art, as a spiritual practise.

'Art Can Save You – is the name of the event and a statement which I’ll stand by for the rest of my life. I owe so much to my creativity and I’m hoping that through this, I can help a few others step out of their old-habits and belief-systems infused in us by our societies programming, and into a new realm of creation, self-expression, personal empowerment and freedom.' 

Whether you’re a professional artist or see yourself as someone who’s ‘not a creative’ – This course is designed for you in a range of different creative aspects from art, to spirituality, to plant medicine, and many other areas of life. 

We are now accepting applicants for the two event’s in October 2018, though spots for these are very limited. If you would like to apply for the course, please fill out the below application form and we will get back to you shortly... 

DATES: To be confirmed...

Melbourne - 20th October 2018

Byron Bay - 26th October 2018

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