'This is what I believe I am meant to do. My art is my purpose, my passion and the source of all, if any, of my power as a human.'

Mitch makes each piece entirely from scratch. He picks out the materials for the artwork base by hand and puts the entire frame together himself. The base itself is what Mitch considers to be a work of art.

'It's my own design that I've perfected over 4 years, which is why I like to keep my design private. Each frame is done in stages and takes three-four days to complete. The artwork itself takes another 5 days.'

Finishing the piece, including the PR work involved - photographing, writing the story, updating the website, organising social media posts etc take another 4-5 days. 

Each artwork takes around 15 - 21 days to complete and all artworks are priced based on size. 

Interested in commissioning an artwork to suit your home? 

Get in contact with us, and Mitch will get back to you...






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