'Power in a vision, lies in collaboration.’ This is something I say often and that statement over the past 2 years has lead me to this right now - It is an absolute honor to officially announce that in collaboration with @greenpeace and @greenpeaceaustp I’ve created this artwork as a voice for those who don’t have one and to raise awareness for the new #takeanotherlook campaign. Focused on protecting the Great Barrier Reef from it’s very own government’s plans to expand the coal mining industry in the heart of the reef, one of it’s most valuable assets.

I’m fast learning that social media has an unrivaled power, even up against the so-called ‘voice of a nation’. Wherever you are in the world, I present to you right now an opportunity to make a difference. Greenpeace is offering you something so rare in this world, a voice that WILL be heard!

All you need to do is this – visit www.takeanotherlook.gp and sign the petition (it takes 30 seconds). By simply signing your name you can tell UNESCO to keep its eyes on the reef and use its power to protect it, today.

This is something that I’m incredibly passionate about and you can see that in the effort that I’ve put into portraying the beauty of the reef in this artwork and many others like it.

I’ve called this artwork ‘Take Another Look’ and we ask you now to please sign the petition and to further your support, please share this message!


Since the release of this artwork and Greenpeace's #takeanotherlook campaign the political battle to save the reef has been a SUCCESS! for now anyway. For more information on this artwork and our collaboration with Greenpeace, check out our conservation page.


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