Artwork size 180 x 120cm.

Artwork size 180 x 120cm.

Over christmas we had my family come to stay with the gypsy and I, in our new home - Byron Bay. Since meeting @sallymustang i’ve being introduced to and have adopted a new tradition - watching the full-moon rise. 

We have a special spot where we do this, it overlooks the whole of Byron Bay from the lighthouse to Mount Warning and all the mountains, trees and long, grass covered, rolling hills in between. I’m convinced that it’s the best view in Byron and front and centre, over the south pacific ocean is where the moon rises. 

So for the first time , my family and I did this together. We took a couple of huge rugs, gyspy made some of her amazing dips, we took biscuits, wine and waited in position while the sun set over the valley. 

The moon started to rise at about 8pm and it was insane. Fluro pink with this incredible orange and pink glow. We all sat there, completely dwarfed by its beauty. It’s an incredible thing to watch and it was so special having my family there with me to enjoy it, after finally seeing them for the first time in almost 4 months. It only held the bright pink colour for about 20 minutes before fading to a bright white, but i’ll always remember that moment. 

This place is incredible, this life i’m living is f**king incredible. Those of you who follow my art through my Instagram and other social media platforms may have read the stories about this place and my current lifestyle, no doubt there will be many more to come. But that’s not what I want this piece to be about.

If there’s one thing this place has taught me, it’s the value of family. Their presence brings a whole new world of comfort and security. To be honest, not having them here with me to share this place is the only impurity in my life right now, I miss them everyday, which is great because it gives me something to look forward to… I'll alway appreciate how lucky I am to have those relationships, even though they're now 2000 km's away. 

I created this piece while they were here and before I even started this piece, I knew this was going to be some sort of special. From start to finish it’s been exciting and i’ve enjoyed it all, even building the frame which I’ve often seen as a chore, I loved it. 

It’s the first piece I’ve created since moving to Byron and since starting the next significant chapter of my life. The piece actually took 6 weeks to finish because I never pushed myself to get it done. It was important to me to only ever be creating this when I was passionate and excited to do so.

I swear this piece is some sort of anti-bad-vibes shield…

After creating a new piece, my dad almost always comes to me and say’s ‘Mitchell, you should call it this…’ I’d always had my own ideas, but the name he came up with for this is ‘New Moon’ and as a tribute to my family, that’s what i’ve decided to call it, cheers Dad. 

'New Moon' has been sold.

Artwork size: 180 x 120cm. detailed images available upon request, more images coming soon...

Artwork size: 180 x 120cm. detailed images available upon request, more images coming soon...


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