Artwork size 180 x 120cm  (70.8' x 47.2')

Artwork size 180 x 120cm (70.8' x 47.2')

I believe that the power of hope is so underrated. Most people I know have experienced periods of their lives without it. 

 The paths we take in search of solutions, often lead to dead ends. I know all too well what that pain feels like, and for me those times have always been my most challenging. 

Being without hope, I've always found myself in a dark place - but just like ‘rock bottom’, being without hope can be also be uplifting, inside the mentality that the situation can hardly get worse.

Considering the problem from an objective point of view, or managing to advance my own perspective, is where I’ve always found my answers and an education. 

This artwork was created through a period of our lives when we experienced the dark and light that hope creates. From beginning to end it’s been a testing education, and as always, a valued experience.

This is ‘Hope’.

Written by Mitch Gobel.

Original artwork sold. Click here for prints.


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