“A man can change his stars”. Anyone who’s ever seen ‘A knights tale’ (and most people have) will understand the mentality behind that statement, the second they hear it.

This mentality is something I’m very passionate about, it changed my life, in saying that - I don’t think it’s something that should be promoted without some sort of advice.

It’s easily said and understood but honestly, you have to REALLY want it to achieve it. It’s a long road between having ambition for change, and a significant transformation. Through my journey the biggest emotion or realization that I came across was that, it is ok to be scared, if your not scared, you’re not going to achieve a real transformation. I was terrified for 6 months straight during ‘The Vision Project.’ (For anyone who hasn’t seen the film, it’s on our website mitchgobelresinart.com)

The reason that this is still something I’m passionate about and occasionally promote is because no matter how hard it is to achieve the goals you set for yourself, the end result, that sense of achievement and fulfillment in going for what you want, discarding your fears, ignoring the people laughing at you and fighting that negative voice in your head! The end result is so, so, so worth it! I can hardly describe how much my life has changed for the better through doing so.

I created this artwork for my upcoming ‘Voices’ exhibition. The making of this artwork has been recorded and put into a short film. One of the most dominant ideas behind the exhibition has been this mentality.

This is ‘Change your stars’. I encourage anyone to take this challenge/ advice on, as long as you’re realistic about what you want to achieve, because IT.IS. WORTH. IT.




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