July 20, 1969 marked the day that man first walked on the moon. This also marked the day that the word ‘impossible’ was proven to be just that, a word. If we can walk on the moon, what are limits?

This was the first piece that I’ve ever done with an audience. My assistant Simone was kind enough to sit through the initial pour. Usually there comes a time during each piece where I flip-out and decide its ruined. The added pressure of an audience is why I’m still against it, but I’m happy to say, this was more than a success.

I’ve used a range of completely new techniques/ chemicals in this artwork and as a result, during the testing I almost burned my house down (you can see the photos on my Instagram/ Facebook). But I’m now confident in my understanding of the new process and this is hands-down one of the most insane artworks I’ve ever created.

Walking on the Moon, was once impossible. I didn’t make $50,000 working full time last year, to be able to give that away through a 4-5 month project is deemed just that, impossible. But as proved time and time again, impossible really is just a pretty word. Through my art, I will achieve my goals and I will make a difference! 

This is ‘Apollo 11’.

Artwork size 180 x 120cm. SOLD


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