About Mitch...


“This is what I believe I was meant to do. My art is my voice, my passion and the source of all, if any, of my power as a human”

Mitch Gobel

What started as a hobby playing with resin for two years, turned professional after Mitch hit rock-bottom and decided to channel his limited self-belief into a direction that would start an incredible journey for the self-taught artist.

Mitch never knew his true potential as an artist until he really pushed and discovered how expressive he could become. He never saw his work as a product or a piece of artwork. Mitch considers his work to be a spiritual energy acting through him.. 

His artwork and the process control him completely and needless to say he loves what he does. Mitch calls it his obsession and makes each piece entirely from scratch. The materials for the frame are picked and put together by hand, the construction process its own work of art. Mitch who has perfected his skill set over the past four years takes twelve to fifteen days to complete one piece.

For Mitch his approach to his art is free flowing and intuitive, a process that involves a complex layering of colours and textures that create an illusion of multiple layers and dimensions. The end result, a powerful reflection of the inspiration he gathers from the beauty he sees in the world around him and the interconnectedness of all things. 

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