About Mitch...


‘That’s how it all started, I was in love, dumbfounded by the art. Logic was of no use to me now, I felt like a chimp discovering fire. How? What? Howwww? Such beauty, such magic can only be the work of… something I clearly didn’t understand, and that got under my skin, like a little rainbow benevolent parasite, shooting lasers filled with colours and possibility up into my veins, like heroin to an addict. I was hooked - art was the word and I soon found myself entirely hypnotized by what could be. My third eye was on another level, a new space of creation, charging at light-speed with visual manifestations unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. This was beyond psychedelics, or fantasy film, or any effort to ponder and make some sort of sense of the cosmic. This was like coming home, to something I’d always been searching for. This was it, the realisation that, whatever this feeling is - this sensation flooding every inch of my being and questioning the unknown, this is exactly where I wanted to be. Right here. Creating something which took me to this place of wonder and gratitude and fucking bliss.’ – Mitch 25.10.2018

Since Mitch first fell in love with the art in 2012, his work has progressed and evolved into what he now appreciates to be a spiritual practise, guided by his ‘Inner Artist’. Mitch’s approach to his art is free flowing and intuitive, a process that involves a complex layering of colours and textures that create an illusion of multiple layers and dimensions. The end result - a powerful reflection of the inspiration he gathers from the beauty he sees in the world around him and the interconnectedness of all things. 

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