Today, for the second time in my life I've cried in happiness. I've spent some time today going back to the start of my Instagram photos, reading posts from before 'The Vision Project' even started.

9 months ago I created an idea because I wanted to change my life. My close friends know what state I was in at that time. I hated myself and I was on a pretty steady path to destroying what I had left, absolute rock bottom... If it wasn't for my art, I don't even want to think about where I'd be right now. My life was so bad that I decided I was going to do ANYTHING I had to, to change it.

Today marks about 10 months since I made that decision, since I stopped punishing myself and instead started to believe in myself. In the last 9 months, I quit my job to do what I love. I got rid of the dead weights. I promised myself to always be honest! I took risks, huge risks! And I no matter how scared I was of failure, no matter how many nights I was in tears thinking of what would happen if I failed, I kept going. I still say to myself every single day 'How bad do you want this!'. 

Thanks to that mentality I'm now confident in saying that I am a professional artist and conservationist. 2 months ago I gave away $25,000 to the #wildlifewarriors which was half of my wage last year. Together with my best mate and manager @mraagibson we run our very own wildlife conservation charity. My team and I have worked with world famous celebrities and organizations worth tens of millions of dollars and today our fan base on Instagram has reached 20,000 people from all over the world, from what was just 250 followers only 9 months ago.

I've achieved some incredible things in the last 9 months and I'm now 100% in LOVE with EVERY. SINGLE. ASPECT. OF MY LIFE! I know how hard it is to do, I did it! I had to FORCE myself to love myself again. I learned not to ever blame myself for the decision I'd made, I cannot change the past but I can create the future I want for myself and so can you. If you want something bad enough, GO AND GET IT! Thank you all for your support, you've given me a life worth living. #MGRA



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