Eleanor NEumann

For the launch of the #MGRA_voiceforcreatives project, Mitch got in contact with one of his favourite artists, Eleanor Neumann. 

Elle's an artist who came all the way from Canberra to be part of the project...

'I still can't believe how much time effort and money Elle put into making this happen and I'm so grateful and glad that she did. Elle came all the way from Canberra to be part of the project and that's not as simple as it sounds. 

The first night Elle had scheduled a bus ticket from Canberra to Sydney airport at 12 o’clock at night, but due to some 'mechanical problems' the bus never came. Elle made the decision to re-book her bus ticket and flights at her expense, for the following night.

Round 2, after re-booking Elle again had to get a bus out of Canberra to Sydney airport at 12:00 at night, from there she got a plane to Coolangatta and I picked her up from there at 6:30 that morning. 

She brought most of her paints and materials with her but had them confiscated before getting on the plane. 

Rough start and I felt terrible! But so grateful for all the effort, it really put into perspective for me how passionate she is about her work and wanting to be a part of the project.

Elle starting painting me around 11:00am at my place in Byron, the paint took just over 5 hours and we were both surprisingly patient.

We shot the image in my studio and in some impressive nearby bamboo. The whole shoot took about half an hour, I went on to quickly get in shower and remove the acrylic paint we had used, which came off surprisingly easy. The eye-liner was another story, this stuck for about 2 days, not my idea of a good time…

That night, my girlfriend Sal and I cooked for Elle, and a lot of love went into that meal. We drank, we listened to loud music, we drank, we talked art and the future, we drank some more…

We got up early the next day and showed Elle our favorite local lookouts, walks and beach’s around Byron. Then after lots of coffee I drove her back to the airport. We said our goodbyes and since then I’m still a little over whelmed by Elle’s generosity.

Amazing artist, beautiful mind and such a lovely and positive person. It was a pleasure to meet Elle and Sal and I enjoyed every minute of the collaboration. I’m really looking forward to following her on both her personal and artistic journey.


Thank you so much Elle, I hope you like the images :)’



For more information on Elle’s work, click the below links.


Instagram - @xtedddy




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