To annouce the donation Mitch created an artwork which he later named 'Footsteps'. The artwork incorporate a couple of the zoo's friendly animals into the design. A Sulpher-Crested Cockatoo and Koala, took turns in walking accross the piece with white (non toxic) paint on their feet, leaving foot prints over the artwork. Mitch's idea behind this was to represent a dried up billabong with the metaphor of leaving a legacy, as Steve had done.

Reporters from some of Australia's largest media companies came along to cover the event, including Channel 7 News and Dailey Mail. To see the media article released by Dailey Mail, click here.


The name for this piece came to me on the drive into Australia Zoo for the media release of our $25,000 donation to the Wildlife Warriors.

About a year ago, I read the book that Terri had written about Steve’s life. I had the book sitting around for about two months before I could finally bring myself to read it, I only say this because I knew that the ending was going to bring me to tears and it did, I’m not embarrassed to say that even writing this now, I’m crying thinking about it.

Reading that story gave me a real insight into Steve and Terri’s life, that book is the reason I’m in the position that I am today and able to make a difference, be heard and contribute to such an amazing organization.

As my team and I were driving towards Australia Zoo, there were statues, billboards and all sorts of memorabilia dedicated to Steve Irwin. I think that was when the significance of what my team and I had been doing for the last 9 months hit me, it finally felt real.

Just like animals leaving tracks in the mud around a water hole, Steve has left a legacy that I’m sure will last forever and not just last but flourish, thanks to his family.

This is ‘Footsteps’.

This Artwork will be availale at the Wildlife Warriors 2015 Gala dinner. For more information or sales enquires please email: info@wildlifewarriors.org.au


'To date, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has treated nearly 57,000 wildlife patients, a significant achievement that wouldn’t be possible without donations from caring, environmentally conscious people like Mitch Gobel. At just 23 years old, Mitch’s $25,000 donation from his incredible art sales is a hugely significant contribution for someone so young. It is this type of commitment, passion and awareness which will help to conserve our wildlife and wild places for generations to come which was Steve’s dream and the legacy we continue to live by. Sick and injured wildlife patients who are treated in our world-class wildlife hospital facility cost anywhere from $350 for basic rehabilitation and care up to and even over $5,000 for complicated surgeries and prolonged treatments. I’m so proud of Mitch for his commitment to conservation and applaud him as a true Wildlife Warrior!'

– Terri Irwin, Owner Australia Zoo and Co-Founder of Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors


A huge amount of time, work and money was put into making this donation possible. The project took 6 months before the auction and a further 3 months before the officail donation was made.

Mitch personally put a total of $39,000 into the project covering, materials, filming, PR work, travelle cost's for the team and a range of other expenses not including his time before making the $25,000 donation. Totaling $64,000 for the project.


Sea Shepherd has undertaken 10 Antarctic anti-whaling campaigns, saving the lives of over 5,000 whales. During the 2014/2015 season (December to March) Japan was prohibited from whaling in Antarctica, due to a ruling by the International Court of Justice in the Hague in early 2014. As a result, Sea Shepherd was able to focus its attention on another important marine issue in the area - that of the illegal poaching of Patagonia Toothfish, so hence Sea Shepherd naming its 11th Antarctic mission as "Operation Icefish".

With Operation Icefish still underway, the strategy for the next Antarctic campaign for 2015/2016 has not been determined. The Japanese have confirmed that they aim to return to Antarctica next year to hunt and kill whales. Sea Shepherd will officially release its statement about its plans to defend whales, once Operation Icefish concludes and further information about Japan's plans for whaling have been announced.


After the success of the Wildlife Warriors project, Sea Shepherd was next on the list for MGRA. 

Mitch decided he would create an artwork to raise awareness for Sea Shepherd in support of their anti-whaling efforts and donate 100% of the profits made directly to Sea Shepherd, from that 'Posedian, Protector of the Sea'  was created.

MGRA has teamed up with supermodel, worldwide trend setter and like minded conservationist Mimi Elashiry in order to help promote the sale of the artwork.

Currently the artwork is still available, The piece is valued at $6,500 and we welcome any enquires into the piece. Any reasonable offers will be considered.


I'm a pretty easy going person, I honestly can't remember the last time something aggravated me outside of cruelty to animals.

I also try to keep an open mind in any situation, but in relation to whaling, in my mind it's not even open for debate.

As always I've created this artwork, not just as a decoration but as a voice for those who don't have one and to help fund the battle that Sea Shepherd face everyday.

I could go on for hours about why I disagree with whaling but no doubt it's all been said before. Whaling needs to stop, end of story. I just hope that even this small donation from MGRA can contribute to that.

This piece is priced at $6,500 with the profits going directly to help aid their ongoing battles. For any sales enquiries please contact us via our website www.mitchgobelresinart.com

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Sea Shepherd on a whole, not only for their efforts against whaling but for all of their conservation projects, without them our oceans would be a much less beautiful place.

This is 'Poseidon, protector of the sea'.


GECO is an independent grassroots environment organisation based in East Gippsland dedicated to protecting the remaining old growth forests of the region.

In June 2015, Mitch became an ambassador for the organisation. Mitch's role as ambassador is to help promote GECO through social media.

For more information on the organisation check out - http://www.geco.org.au

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GECOEastGippsland?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Instagram - https://instagram.com/Goongerah_Environment_Centre/


On the 24th of March, 2015 (Mitch’s birthday) MGRA was approached by a representative from Greenpeace. For the following 3 months leading up to the public release of the collaboration, many ideas were thrown around as to how MGRA could best support the cause and the cause being something Mitch is very passionate about. Here's a brief insight into the project.

"I remember where I was at the time, on my birthday when my manager, Alex Gibson, sent me a text saying:

"Check your email... Happy Birthday"

Immediately I stopped what i was doing and went on to read the following"

“Hey Mitch, Love your work! It’s really awesome to see people like you doing what you love for such a good cause. I was reading a bit of your bio the other day after I stumbled upon your Instagram. I work for Greenpeace in their digi team in Aus Pacific. At the moment, we have a campaign running for #savethereef and will be pushed to the middle of the year. I see you have done some work for Sea Shepherd, which is so great! Anyhow - My main reason for getting in touch was to see if you would be interested in doing some sort of collaboration for Save the Reef. We have GOTS to stop the coalmines. Its just not on.”

"Needless to say that was my day made, or week rather. To have our previous projects acknowledged by an organisation that i've got so much respect for is a pretty incredible feeling. Refreshingly GP have never asked for any donations either. The whole campaign has been about raising awareness and promoting the petition to protect the reef." said Mitch.


‘Power in a vision, lies in collaboration.’ This is something I say often and that statement over the past 2 years has lead me to this right now - It is an absolute honor to officially announce that in collaboration with @greenpeace and @greenpeaceaustp I’ve created this artwork as a voice for those who don’t have one and to raise awareness for the new #takeanotherlook campaign. Focused on protecting the Great Barrier Reef from it’s very own government’s plans to expand the coal mining industry in the heart of the reef, one of it’s most valuable assets.

I’m fast learning that social media has an unrivaled power, even up against the so-called ‘voice of a nation’. Wherever you are in the world, I present to you right now an opportunity to make a difference. Greenpeace is offering you something so rare in this world, a voice that WILL be heard!

All you need to do is this – visit www.takeanotherlook.gp and sign the petition (it takes 30 seconds). By simply signing your name you can tell UNESCO to keep its eyes on the reef and use its power to protect it, today.

This is something that I’m incredibly passionate about and you can see that in the effort that I’ve put into portraying the beauty of the reef in this artwork and many others like it.

I’ve called this artwork ‘Take Another Look’ and we ask you now to please sign the petition and to further your support, please share this message!

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