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'This is where it all began. This isn't a product, to me this isn't just a piece of art. This is a combination of skills that I've acquired over my now 27 years on earth. This is what I believe I was meant to do. My art is my voice, my passion and the source of all, if any, of my power as a human.

In 2012 I started playing around with resin as a hobby, and a hobby is all it ever was to me for about two years.  I went on to sell my first ever piece professionally in a homewares store for $3,500. Not long after I left my job to take up my art full time. I put every little bit of my time, my thoughts, my passion and the money I had saved into my art. 

It controlled me completely. Some nights after I had finished in the studio I would get into bed, then there would be this small thought come out of nowhere - 'maybe this would work' and that would turn into another sleepless night... It controlled me completely, it still does. To the point that I know now that I need to do my art in the morning, if I'm going to be able to 'switch off' that same night. 

Needless to say, I love what I do and even though I know exactly how hard I've worked for what my art is today, I still think to myself often - 'you're so f**king lucky to have this'.

I call it an obsession.

I make each piece entirely from scratch. I pick out the materials for the frame by hand and I put the entire frame together. The frame itself is what I consider to be a work of art. It's my own design that I've perfected over 4 years, which is why I like to keep my design private. Each frame is done in stages and takes three days to complete.

The artwork itself takes another 5 days. My materials and techniques are also something I keep very private.

Finishing the piece, including the PR work involved - photographing, writing the story, updating the website, organising social media posts etc take another 4-5 days. 

Each piece I do usually takes around 10 - 12 days to complete and my most recent pieces are now selling for almost $8,000 each. 

Despite my success, I'm still a long way from where I'd like my art to be and I'm working towards that end goal every single day. That said, this isn't work, this is my life and this is my chance to have what I want to say heard. This is my chance to make difference through my art and passion for self-belief.'





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